You know when you're SO happy that you actually feel nostalgic for the moment you're currently living in, knowing that it will inevitably end?
That's where we come in.

Your photo + video team is a big part of your wedding but it’s not everything, and we know that. It’s hard to picture what your wedding day will be like until you get there, and then when you’re there it’s hard to take it all in. When you hire the right team you can focus all of your energy on each other, your loved ones and the real reason you’re throwing such an expensive party 😉

We’re here to guide brides + grooms-to-be (especially the ones who are psycho enough to add a destination into the mix) in a way that will allow you to actually ATTEND your own wedding.  Visit our blog for details of our own travels, general “things you should know”, tips and expectations to set from a couple of wedding experts who just want you to live your best life on the best day ever.


We hit it off at a wedding where Éctor was the hired photographer and Tessa was the videographer. We fell in love creating a life together that is based on traveling to new places and documenting people in love.